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Financing for home improvement

Key Points:

  • covers all home improvement projects except swimming pools
  • easy application process and approval within a couple minutes
  • Soft credit check (will not affect credit to get preapproved - click the image to apply)
  • flexible terms (5-12 years with no prepayment penalty)
  • payment options to fit every budget
  • unsecured debt: no lien on home
  • no need to refinance your mortgage and tap into your home’s equity
  • competitive interest rates
YGrene financing

Ygrene is the leading provider of PACE financing in the Greater Sacramento Area. Some of the key points to know are that HVAC, Patio Covers, Roofing, Solar, Drought Tolerant Landscape, and energy and water saving projects are 100% eligible, no money down, and not based on credit score. The only requirements are that you must be current on your property taxes, have been on time on your mortgage payments, and if you have had a bankruptcy, you must be 24 months removed from it.

Watch a 2 minute video on the program.