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HVAC Installation

Where do I even begin? I started doing HVAC installations sometime in 2011 shortly after getting my own general contractor’s license, as part of my “whole house” services offering. At that time, I was relying on a relative to provide those installations. After working with him for half a dozen years, I helped him launch his own company and I jumped in feet first, embracing the challenge of a new trade, and working as the General Manager, holding that role for just under four years. In that time, we grew the company from one truck and zero revenue to over ten trucks and over $4 million in revenue. What I did not realize (intuitively I did) was that the HVAC business is a 24/7 service business, and as the GM I was involved in every single communication and ended up burning myself out in the fourth year.

Starting something from scratch and having it be successful is very rewarding (I’ve done it three times now). I learned a Ton (pun intended) about the HVAC business and gained some helpful insight on managing a larger company. What I learned during that time is now available to you at substantial savings. The trick in the HVAC business is to be big enough to be able to handle what comes your way, but not so big that your overhead becomes a burden.

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Since most companies get their equipment from the same suppliers, the cost of the equipment and the cost of the various components you need for an installation are relatively close for all the companies that are in the business.  The exception to that rule would be the super huge companies that are buying with better discounts because of their volume.  The savings that larger companies get by purchasing in bulk are quickly eaten up by the amount of overhead they need to apply to each installation to keep the massive business model running.  You may go out and get estimates from three or four companies (for the exact same equipment configuration) and get estimates that range as much as ten or fifteen thousand dollars.  In your mind, you might say company A or B or C is priced outrageously high, and they might be compared to the others, but they have to price it high to stay in business if their massive overhead requires it. 


As an HVAC installation company in the Greater Sacramento area market, I thread the needle and deliver superior installations using the highest quality equipment with highly trained and experienced crews, cut no corners, and deliver exceptional value to my clients.  Most people only purchase an HVAC system once or twice in their lifetime and have no chance to become an expert at it.  What you get with a TSD HVAC installation is the best possible scenario: high-quality equipment, highly trained crews doing your installation, exceptional service and support after the installation, all at a very reasonable price; we won’t be the cheapest out there, but we very well could be the best deal you can find.

Heat Pump Conversions

There is talk in the industry that come 2026 California could ban gas-powered furnaces altogether, meaning no more natural gas or propane-powered heating systems.  Already, in the Sacramento market (SMUD service area), we are seeing rebates that combine for up to $4,500 off a system installation, when you are converting from a gas-source furnace to an electric heat pump.  The heat pump systems are more expensive, but they are also more efficient regarding SEER and EER ratings.  And if you have a solar system or plan to get one in the future, they are the route to choose.   The main difference between a gas furnace and a heat pump furnace is that a gas furnace can get your home up to the desired temperature faster than a heat pump can.  So, to combat that, we recommend customers select and program the thermometer to what temps they want at what time of day or night, more of a set-it-and-forget-it approach; heat pump systems run more efficiently if you set them and leave them alone to moderate the temperature.   

Panel Upgrades

If you have an older home that has an older electrical panel, there is a chance it will require you to upgrade your panel to allow for the extra circuit you will need to run the indoor unit (they run using heat strips that pull the electrical energy instead of the gas energy—we do panel upgrades for those homes that need them).   Additionally, SMUD is also offering some aggressive rebates for changing out gas water heaters to go all-electric.  As a not-for-profit entity, SMUD is doing its part to help California achieve its lofty goals to reduce emissions.  TSD Construction is a one-stop shop to change out your HVAC, upgrade your electrical panel if you need it, and even change out your water heater if you want to go all-electric.  We can even install a solar system for your home if you don’t already have one, a solar system that you own, not lease.