Are you looking for a Sacramento ADU builder to add an ADU as a way to boost your property value or even create an entirely new source of income right here in Sacramento? It’s never been easier to build an ADU in Sacramento. A Sacramento ADU can act as an in-law suite, a separate apartment, or just about anything else that you can imagine.


What Is an ADU in California?

What is an ADU in California? There’s been a lot of discussion and debate about California ADUs, but the rules are finally changing to favor homeowners like you. An ADU is a smaller, standalone structure that sits right on the same parcel of property as your single-family home. It has countless uses.

Most California ADUs function as their own separate house, with their own entrance, living area, dining area, kitchen or kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom. With the rental market continuing to be tight, owning ADUs may help you create new income that can support your mortgage and more.

Californians love ADUs for a variety of other reasons. They can function as an “in-law suite” and may give older relatives independence and freedom while keeping them close to home. They work well as a first apartment for high school students and those recently returning from college.

Over the last few years, ADUs have also become highly sought after as a standalone home office. If your main dwelling doesn’t accommodate working from home, you will certainly love having a commute of 30 seconds in the morning. Needless to say, ADUs in all these configurations and more are attractive to the right buyers.

Some other popular approaches to the ADU include using it as a greenhouse or a music studio. Just about anything you can think of can be possible with an ADU. Naturally, you should work with Sacramento ADU builders who take your vision into account from the very beginning.


What Do You Need to Get an ADU in Sacramento?

Up until recently, many areas had strict rules about ADU permitting in California that made it difficult for most homeowners to get one. That was true even if they had sufficient space on their land and easy hookups to all necessary utilities. Luckily, that approach is beginning to change throughout much of the Golden State.

As long as you have sufficient square footage for the footprint of your proposed ADU, you can usually get exactly what you want here in Sacramento. The way to make it easier is to work with a Sacramento ADU builder who has the know-how to handle issues like permitting and safety for you.


TSD Construction - A Top Sacramento ADU Builder

When it comes to Sacramento ADU builders, you want a team with experience. ADU builders who have seen hundreds of projects through from start to end will help you make sure your new Sacramento ADU is finished on time and on budget. With 20 years’ experience, our founder Tim Davidson is here to help.

As a life-long resident of Sacramento -- born, raised, and educated here -- Tim is a third-generation Sacramento native. Tim and his team have closely followed the progress of California ADU legislation. We were among the first dedicated ADU builders in Sacramento and strive to be the best Sacramento ADU builders.

Naturally, there’s no “one size fits all” solution for Sacramento ADU builders. You deserve to have all of your questions answered by the pros before you get started. Call or email us and we’ll be glad to discuss your project, walk you through the timeline, and tell you about Sacramento ADU financing.

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