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TSD Construction is a locally owned and operated general contracting company providing construction services in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Tim Davidson, a third-generation Sacramento native, has been in the construction industry since 2003.  In that time, Tim managed concrete crews and landscape installation projects, remodel projects, designed and built a decking program that serviced all of California, and helped a relative launch and build a new HVAC company. 

For remodel jobs, our expectation is that the customer will be involved early and often in the decision-making process.  We expect customers to select all their materials and have them ready on the job site prior to us starting a bath or kitchen remodel.  Material choices and acquisition are key to being ready when the day to start the project comes.  Materials choices that should be settled include tile or stone choices, faucets and fixtures, toilets and sinks, lighting, knobs for any cabinets we may build and install, mirrors, etc.  We take care of the big stuff, like getting the tile and stone to the job site, and all the parts and pieces you don’t see behind the walls and cabinets.  There’s nothing better than seeing all the pieces come together in your home; there’s nothing worse than getting to a stage of the project and not having something when it’s needed, which can cause unwanted delays for all involved.

The closer you live to the Pocket area, also known as Greenhaven, the more likely you are to see TSD Construction signs and projects taking place.  That is by design.  We are based out of the Pocket—Greenhaven area and are most efficient when we minimize our windshield time.  Driving between jobs is a necessity each day, so the less driving time for us the better.  The local areas around Greenhaven include Land Park, Hollywood Park, and Curtis Park.  We also service midtown jobs and are “lead safe certified” to work on homes older than 1978.  Don’t get me wrong, we will travel for a project that is a good fit for us, but in terms of efficiency, we prefer remodeling jobs that are closer to home.

The remodel market has been on a tear since recovering from the “Great Recession.”  The abundance of free-flowing cash and the shortage of skilled labor in our market, all markets really, has created a perfect storm for material price increases and delayed project times as customers wait their turn for a contractor to service their needs.  Material price fluctuations have also created havoc for estimating projects and being able to complete them on budget.  On a roofing job for example, OSB plywood rates have ranged from as low as $18 for a 4’x8’ sheet all the way up to over $100 per sheet.  If you are sheathing the whole house, and your house is 30 squares of roofing, then the price range for that material can range from as low as $1,200 all the way up to $7,000.  Contractors have no control over that and must put language in their contracts to protect themselves.  Most customers have been asked to accept language in their contracts that allows for material price adjustments, as prices change beyond the contractor’s control.

Why choose a general contractor for your project?

The main reason that customers choose to have a general contractor manage their project, whether it’s for just a roof or HVAC replacement, or for a full remodel or addition, is that a general contractor typically has a wide arsenal of specialized contractors at his or her disposal.  Over the years general contractors develop relationships with subcontractors and learn who they can count on to do quality work in a timely and cost-efficient fashion.  Typically, a general contractor gets a discount from the specialty contractor, which provides the general contractor a small margin and still gives the general contractor the ability to present the customer with a fair price.  It’s a win-win for the customer, as they don’t have to try and select a service provider at random and essentially roll the dice on getting someone who will do a good job.  In that sense, a good working relationship with a trusted general contractor is worth its weight in gold.

Additionally, a general contractor may have six, eight, ten, or even more of one specific trade in his or her phone bank, meaning that he or she can select the trusted partner that best suits the job.  Time and experience will dictate who the general contractor will lean on to complete the task, but the ultimate responsibility lies in the general contractor’s lap.  For the customer, the ability to make a single phone call to a trusted general contractor in their neighborhood means that they don’t have to worry about anything else. The general contractor takes ownership of the job and is responsible for scheduling all the work and trades in the proper order.

Do problems arise when a general contractor is managing a job?  Yes, problems still occur.  While a general contractor oversees the project and is pulling all the strings to make it happen, things can and do come up.  There are no silver bullets.  But time and experience in the trades and the sheer number of jobs completed give the general contractor an advantage in dealing with those problems when they do arise. 

How do you select a general contractor to work for you? 

The main selection criteria should be personality (do you like him or her), experience in the task(s) you are looking to accomplish (how many times has he or she done this), and reviews or referrals.  A lot of the older contractors “missed the boat” when it came to accumulating reviews on Google.  Frankly, the internet and “Google” came along after they were well on their way to building their business profiles.  Even today as I revise this page in 2023, some of my best and most reliable subcontractors have just three reviews, or two reviews!  So, while reviews are important, they don’t tell the whole tale.  Try and get referrals from friends and family, or your church, or your neighbors.  Ask around about someone before you end up signing on the dotted line. 

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